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Air Conditioning Unit Installation


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It’s common to be a little apprehensive when you realize you might need a new air conditioning unit. What if it is gets installed improperly? What if you end up paying too much? What if you have a problem with your new AC and your installation company is unhelpful? JF Maxwell wants to address those concerns so you can enjoy the comfort of a high-quality, Energy Star system.

Let JF Maxwell ease your mind with our professional services.

Air Conditioning Unit Installation | North Atlanta, GA | JF Maxwell Heating & Air
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Reliable Air Conditioning Installation in North Atlanta, GA

Proper Air Conditioning Unit Installation

An AC Unit should be installed with care and consideration to avoid problems down the road. A good installation should, among other considerations:

  • The proper size for your home

  • Have well-planned drain pipes

  • Properly use a filter

  • Have efficient cycling

  • And More!

There are a lot of considerations, and at JF Maxwell, we do things by the book. This is guaranteed with our lifetime workman warranty, which guarantees by-the-book installations or free service to correct it.

Correct Billing

With our flat-rate pricing, even if you wanted to make pleasant conversation with one of our friendly techs, you wouldn’t be charged a penny more for the extra time. You get charged for what you need.

A Dedicated HVAC Company

In addition to our lifetime workman warranty, we also enjoy having relationships with the North Atlanta community. We are a family company providing the exact kind of family service we ourselves would enjoy. One way is through our 5-Star Club Membership.

Call us at (678) 935-0505 for worry-free, professional air conditioning unit installation.

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