Hybrid Heating Systems

Maximize Efficiency & Comfort with a Hybrid Heating System

The benefit of a heat pump is it is very efficient and can function as both a heating system and an air conditioner in just one unit. The problem is, the colder the temperature outside, the less efficient a heat pump becomes due to how it operates.Thus the need for a hybrid heating system which combines the efficiency of a heat pump with the heating power of a gas furnace.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Heating System

  • Very efficient – as the heat pump loses efficiency, the gas furnace kicks in and takes over
  • Maintains high level of comfort even on very cold days due to the assistance of the gas furnace
  • Saves you money in energy bills

If you experience days in the winter where your heat pump is not able to keep up with demand, you may want to consider a hybrid heating system from JF Maxwell.

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