Is my old Thermostat good enough since it still works?

20 years ago, a thermostat did not do much more than adjust the temperature. Now, modern thermostats offer a plethora of options for controlling indoor comfort. What types of options? Humidity control, 7-day programming, auto-learning, voice control, smart phone access, weather forecasts…and the list goes on. Crazy right? And just like there are many features, there are also many thermostats. So what thermostat is right for you? We can help with that.


The unrivaled capabilities of the Infinity control represent our highest degree of comfort management. This communicating control is designed exclusively for our Infinity system products and is the brains behind our ultra-efficient Greenspeed™ intelligence systems. What’s more, techno lovers will rejoice over the Infinity control’s energy management and remote access features.


Our Performance series thermostats feature stylish, ultra-slim designs with easy-to-read screens and even easier-to-use interfaces. Available in programmable, and non-programmable models,…

J F Maxwell is an Atlanta heating and air conditioning company with the experience required to give you the best advice for your needs. And if you use us for your indoor comfort system, you’ll receive a solution built on industry leading equipment from top manufacturers like Trane, Honeywell and White Rodgers. J F Maxwell is a combination of quality service, competitive pricing and technical experience that simply cannot be beat!


If you like flexibility and the customized comfort of zoning, there are a number of reasons to zone right in on this series. It allows you to program temperature and humidity levels in 7 independent day cycles, with options for 2, 4 or 8 zones.

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