Air Cleaners

What is the best air filter for you?

That is easy…An electrostatic media air cleaner retains 98% of unwanted airborne particles.



Our award-winning Infinity air purifier doesn’t just filter air: Its Captures and Kills™ technology is unforgiving when it comes to airborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and mold. Grizzly? Yes—if you’re a mold spore. This whole-house air cleaner also re-purifies circulated indoor air as many as 8 times an hour. Those poor pathogens don’t stand a chance.


If clean air matters to you, this system may be just what you’re looking for. It’s the little brother to the Infinity® air purifier designed to be more budget conscious and to fit narrower installation spaces. It also uses Captures & Kills™ technology to continuously filter out pollutants, allergens and pathogens in your home, to leave you with cleaner, healthier air.

A home air conditioning and heating system has a filter that sits between the return air duct(s) and the furnace or air handler. These filters protect against large airborne particles, but that’s about it. An electronic air cleaner takes filtration to a whole new level by filtering out microscopic particles such as mold, allergens, bacteria, dander, smoke…and much more! This make for a very clean heating and air conditioning system, and also healthier indoor air.


Designed to keep air flowing cleanly and efficiently through your home, this cabinet air filtration product is a convenient and affordable way to improve indoor air quality and system performance. Even replacing the filter is a breeze.

Air cleaners are a part of our indoor air quality solutions. An efficient home is important to protect energy usage during a hot Atlanta summer. However, a tightly sealed home can also have very polluted indoor air. Call us to learn more about indoor air quality products – We’re an Atlanta air conditioning company who helps with not just the comfort, but the health of your home. Thanks for your interest in J F Maxwell Heating and Air.

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